What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files which make it possible to recognise the user’s browser, as well as the type of device used to access the website, and they are used to facilitate the future visits made by the user and to make the website more useful. The information gathered by the cookies and other registration methods is anonymous, therefore the data that determines the personal identity of the user will not be gathered.

What types of Cookies are there?

Cookies can be classified in several ways. They are commonly divided into two types, one depending on their duration or permanence (the time that passes until they are erased), and another depending on their purpose.
Depending on their permanence, cookies may be divided into session or persistent cookies. The former expire when the user closes the browser. The latter expire when the purpose they serve has been met or when manually deleted.
Depending on its purpose we have several types of cookies. Technical cookies: these are essential and strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the site. More complex websites use personalization, analytical, advertising (own and third-party) and social cookies that help both the configuration of the website and the use of the different options and services it offers (languages, colors, text size, preferred sections, access to a certain menu, etc).

What types of Cookies do we use?

This Website, owned by José Antonio Fernández Fernández, with DNI 52.988.033N, with address at Calle Alcor, núm. 64, Majadahonda, CP 28.220, Madrid, Urbanización Los Satélites,(hereinafter, OWNER), uses cookies to help improve the service offered to Users, measures the use and performance of the page to optimize and customize it. They serve in the end to make more efficient the publicity that is shown. Specifically, this website uses the following types of cookies:

Own cookies

Own cookies are those cookies which are sent by OWNER from the Website to the user's computer or teminal. These cookies allow the Website to function correctly. They are essential for the user to be able to access all the Website contents and to use its features normally.

OWNER Strictly necessary
  • Registry management
  • To provide services expressly requested by the user and in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions
Session, record and data of the query management system and budget request.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are those that are sent to a user's computer or terminal from a web page not managed by OWNER. Another entity treats the data obtained through the cookie. Those third-party cookies used in this Wesite are:

  • Analytical cookies: These allow the party responsible to track and analyse the user's behaviour on the websites linked to them. The information gathered by these cookies is used to measure activity on websites, applications or platforms and to create user browsing profiles on them, with the aim of improving the analysis of data used by users and to improve the service.

The main purposes served by this type of cookies are:

➢ Allow the anonymous identification of the navigating users through the Cookie and therefore the approximate count of the number of visitors and their tendency in time.
➢ Identify the most visited contents anonymously and therefore more attractive to users.
➢ Know if the user that is accessing is new or repeats visit.

 GOOGLE Google Analytics Statistical reports on Website traffic, total audience and audience for a specific marketing campaign. Number of visits, pages or sections visited, browsing time, sites visited before entering this page, details on the browsers used. Use of Google Analytics cookies on websites
 GOOGLE Google Adwords Remarketing (Google Inc) To show personalized ads based on user behavior or preferences and to improve advertising campaigns.
To customize advertising campaigns and show ads that fit the preferences of users.
To provide information about preferences or interests in products and / or services collected during navigation.
IP address, operating system, browser version, pages visited.
Use of Google Adwords cookies on websites


  • Social Media cookies: they allow you to share the Website’s contents on the main social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The conditions of use of these cookies and the information collected are regulated by the cookies policy of the respective social platform.








Their function is to control the interaction with social widgets within the page. This type of cookies are used in the domains "", "", "" and "".

How can you enable or disable cookies?

All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu for your browser. By configuring your browser options you can choose to allow, block or delete the cookies installed in your computer. Here's how you do it:

Please also note that if you choose to reject or remove cookies, doing so may prevent certain features or services of the OWNER Website.

Cookies on mobile devices

OWNER also uses cookies or other storage devices on mobile devices. Like in computer browsers, browsers on mobile devices allow you to configure options or privacy settings to disable or eliminate cookies.
If you want to change the privacy options follow the instructions specified by the developer of your mobile browser.
Here are some examples of the links that will guide you to modify the privacy options on your mobile device:

This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure it is valid and so may be modified.

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